Nursing association goes on strike against NNMC Bill of Central Government

The demand in the air amongst striking nursing professionals is that the NNMC or National Nursing & Midwifery Commission Bill should be repealed at the earliest by the Central Government. Nursing associations have gone on strike with this demand. The joint meeting of multiple nursing organizations ultimately came to a decision to launch this strong agitation against the newly launched NNMC Bill of the Central Government. The draft of the new regulation has already been published and contains provisions that will have far reaching impact in the future for the entire Indian nursing sector as per these associations.  

With the implementation of the Act, there will be abolition of the State and National Nursing Councils while the Nursing Commissions will be completely established under Central Government control. The new NNMC Bill does not offer any concrete solution for the issues faced by nursing staff. It may also lead to nepotism and corruption as per the protestors since the Commission members will be solely appointed by the Government at the Centre. Nurses will lose out on the opportunity that is presently available for select members. State Governments will not have any control over how the Commission functions. Exit tests and entrance examinations may lead to coaching centers flourishing while ordinary students will lose out on major opportunities.  

The new bill has already been drafted with several such contentious provisions as per the nursing associations. Protest rallies will take place on the 15th of December, 2020, throughout all private and government hospitals in Kerala. This will be a prelude to the agitation that will follow in Kerala as per compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations. Dharnas and marches will take place in the districts on the 21st of December, 2020 at Central Government offices as well. The Kerala Government Nurses Association, Indian Nurses Association and Kerala Nurses Union took part in this meeting today as per the General Secretary of Kerala Government Nurses Association, T. Subramanian.


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