Nurse Delivered Baby Through Flashlights

A piece of astonishing news was received from the small village of Karnataka. The name of the village is Kalaburagi, also known as Gulbarga. A woman delivered the baby. The peculiar matter about the incident is that the hospital was in the blackout. As there was a power outage in the village. Due to a lack of proper electricity facilities, she had to concede the child in the flashlight of cell phones.

She was an entire month pregnant. During the night of the 10th, Siddhamma felt labor pains. And subsequently, she was admitted to the primary health center in Kollur. But the situation worsened as the electricity supply malfunctioned. The health center was forcefully put in a blackout state. This debacle happened around 23:00.

To fan the flames, the inverter used in the hospital was flawed. The workers in the hospital tried to contact the authority responsible for the electric supply but in vain. No one answered the phone calls. As the incident occurred at late night, the doctors also had left for home earlier in the night. Therefore, Nageshwari, the only nurse at the time was on the job. Along with that, Sidhamma was also suffering from high labor pains.

The nurse Nageshwari took the matter in her hands and decided to concede Sidhamma’s baby birth. At the same time, the other staff members gathered and lit up the torchlights in

Four cell phones. Nageshwari gave delivery in the light of these four flashlights. On the next day, around 4 AM a healthy infant baby was destined to Siddhamma. Both the mother and baby are of sound health.

Several quarters praised Nageshwari magnificent effort. Health officials of Kalaburagi district lauded her as she delivered the baby despite blackout through the flashlight of mobile phones.


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