Mild to Moderate Covid Patients Can Be Treated by Ayurveda Drugs

Ayurveda Drug

Recently All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) published a journal in October stating the ‘Ayurveda Case Report’. According to this report, the current contextual analysis demonstrated that the adequacy of Ayurveda mediations in mild to moderate instances of COVID-19 disease in a brief period with a complete relapse of side effects. It states that Ayurveda drugs are found quite effective in treating Covid-19 patients. This report was scribbled by multiple doctors working in the All India Institute of Ayurveda.

Under the Ayush Ministry, AIIA doctors have found that Ayurveda produced ‘Fifatrol tablets’ and ‘Ayush Kwatha’ are effective in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Usage of Ayush kwacha, Sanshamanivati, Fifatrol tablets, and Laxmivilasa rasa – formed by Ayurveda intervention, not simply improved the province of COVID-19 patients yet also turned the speedy antigen test negative inside six days of treatment.

Ayurveda Drug

A case was reported where a 30-year-old male health staff worker was tested positive for corona virus. He was advised to stay home quarantine and was medicated with ‘Samshamana therapy’. This therapy also included Ayush kwatha, Sanshamanivati, Fifatrol tablets, and Laxmivilasa rasa. As a result, within 6 days the patient tested negative in the Coivd test. The medication was found fruitful as it reduced the symptoms like dysgeusia, anosmia, fever, etc. and gave intense relief to the patient. On the 16th day, he was reported negative in the RT-PCR test.

The treatment was customized, comprehensive, and simply dependent on Ayurvedic standards, and no ordinary prescriptions were utilized. With this contextual analysis, it very well may be gathered that Ayurveda can address COVID-19 and such different pandemics; an enormous example measured, multi-focus randomized and controlled clinical examinations are the need of great importance.

Ayush kwatha, Sanshamanivati, Fifatrol tablets, and Laxmivilasa rasa are a mixture of various medicinal herbs which is detailed as follows:

Ayush Kwatha is formed by combining four medicinal herbs which are also used in Indian kitchens – 

  • Basil leaves also called Tulsi,
  • Cinnamon bark also called Dalchini,
  • Zingiber officinale is also known as Sunthi, and 
  • Krishna Marich is also known as Piper Nigrum.

Sanshamani Vati is used in the treatment of all kinds of fever. It is an ayurvedic herbal formulation which is also known as Guduchi Ghana Vati.

Laxmivilas Rasa contains Abhrak Bhasma which cures cough, cold, and rhinitis. It is a traditional medicine that gives relief by soothing the throat and sinuses.

Fifatrol is developed by AIMIL Pharmaceutical. Aimil is resolved to investigate unmistakable concealed medical advantages natural in 5000 years of age science, Ayurveda. Aimil gives normal items supported solid Research and Development endeavors guaranteeing the anticipated remedial advantages to the enduring masses. It is an herbal drug that keeps us away from flu, cold,s and infections.

Currently, there is no particular treatment and vaccine found for Coronavirus. It has infected about  46.5 million people all over the world with 1.2 million casualties. India also has reported 8.23 million covid cases with 123 thousand deaths. Ayurveda has great potential and its drug shows promising results. It might find a specific cure soon.


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