‘Midwifery Initiative’ For Utmost Care During Pregnancies

Nurses and Midwives play a crucial role during the birth of the child. They act as a second parent to the baby. It is important to provide standardized care to keep the mother and the baby in prime health. That is why the Government of India is taking serious measures to bring transformation in the field of Midwifery care. The authoritative body is making initiatives so that proper and utmost care could be given to women during pregnancies.  

One of the measures taken is the ‘Midwifery Initiative’. This initiative will ensure proper care to women and their families at the time of childbirth, labor, and the postpartum period. 

A virtual webinar is being organized on 25th January for the orientation of the new Nurse Practitioners in Midwifery program. The booked time for the webinar is 11:00 AM. Dr. Punitha Ezhilarasu will address the seminar. It will be conducted online zoom portal. The body also issued a circular which included the link for registration 

The new cadre for Nurse Practitioners in Midwifery is being set up according to the new initiative. They will be given the title of ‘Nurse Practitioner Midwife’. The webinar will include these panelists: 

  • Dr.T.Dileep Kumar  
  • Lt.Col (Dr) Sarvjeet Kaur 
  • Dr. Asha Sharma 
  • Ms. Mitali Adhikari 
  • Ms. Abra Pearl 

A course of 18 months duration is being designed for nurse-midwifery practitioners. It will help them to raise standards and give quality midwifery health care. Ms. K.S Bharati will work as the moderator for the webinar. All who wish to start the NPM program can join the webinar through the link. 


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