Meghalaya to Host Exclusive Employment Fair for Nurses: Unlocking Pathways to Global Opportunities

Cropped shot of Executives join hands to congratulate the new employee through the interview.
Cropped shot of Executives join hands to congratulate the new employee through the interview.

Meghalaya, in collaboration with NAVIS Human Resources Pvt. Ltd is set to make history by organizing its inaugural Employment Fair exclusively for nurses seeking opportunities abroad. This announcement comes as the Health & Family Welfare Department of Meghalaya acknowledges the surplus of nurses in the state and aims to facilitate suitable employment options beyond its borders.

Addressing the surplus nurse situation, Health Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh recently emphasized the importance of exploring employment prospects outside Meghalaya. In response to this observation, the government took swift action by partnering with NAVIS Human Resources Pvt. Ltd to orchestrate the first-ever employment fair tailored specifically to nurses.

To enroll for this groundbreaking event, interested candidates are encouraged to visit the official government website,, and access the provided registration link. The Meghalaya Director of Health Services has issued an official notice urging aspiring nurses to seize this opportunity by completing the registration form available on the website. The fair’s date and venue will be disclosed in due course through the same government website.

In addition to the employment fair, the Health Department will also offer an Orientation Programme to equip participating nurses with invaluable insights and guidance necessary for pursuing international careers. This program aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with working abroad.

Meghalaya’s Employment Fair for Nurses is a significant milestone for the state’s healthcare sector, promising exciting prospects for nurses seeking international employment. By addressing the surplus of nurses within Meghalaya, the fair aims to bridge the gap between supply and demand while simultaneously nurturing the professional growth and exposure of its nurses.

Through the collaboration with NAVIS Human Resources Pvt. Ltd, renowned experts in healthcare recruitment, the fair ensures the provision of credible and reputable opportunities for nurses interested in working abroad. This strategic partnership emphasizes the commitment to facilitating genuine employment prospects and safeguarding the interests of participating nurses.

The implications of this initiative extend beyond individual nurses, positively impacting Meghalaya’s healthcare sector as a whole. Nurses who secure employment overseas will gain exposure to international standards and practices, bringing back valuable skills and knowledge to elevate the local healthcare system upon their return.

With the imminent arrival of Meghalaya’s first-ever Employment Fair for Nurses, the state is making a resolute statement about its dedication to nurturing healthcare professionals and expanding their horizons. By empowering nurses to explore diverse career opportunities, Meghalaya strives to establish itself as a beacon of healthcare excellence while ensuring its nurses find fulfilling and promising prospects beyond state borders.


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