Maharashtra to Use Simulation Labs to Train The Healthcare Workers

training medical practitioners and healthcare workers

With the whole nation trying to figure out new and effective ways to fight off Covid-19, every state is doing its bit to contribute in the same way. Maharashtra, India’s third-largest state has come up with the idea of training medical practitioners and healthcare workers in cities with less than 1 million population. The training will be done using the simulation labs i.e. the labs which provide a human patient simulation to provide a practical approach and opportunity for nurses to learn better. This will help in the better management of Covid-19 patients.

training medical practitioners and healthcare workers
Healthcare Worker

The key findings of a meeting of Maharashtra’s Public Health Minister, Rajesh Tope held with Covid-19 task force and death audit committee has reported that despite of the fall in the number of cases, the CFR (case fatality rate) has remained unchanged and even higher than the other states and the national average. For instance, Maharashtra’s CFR is 2.63% and hasn’t changed since September. It’s following Gujarat which has the highest CFR of 3.15% which is much higher than the national CFR of 1.5%.

The other key findings of the meeting include the soaring death rate in the state. The head of the death audit committee, Dr. Avinash S., said that the probable reason is a lack of trained and skilled medical staff in the smaller cities. The healthcare workers are needed to be trained. The other officers in the state also urged the need for training of workers regarding the working of the ventilators and other medical equipment in order to promptly deal with the current issue.

There is also a decrease in the death rate to some extent in some cities like Mumbai, Pune, etc which is probably due to the standard treatment protocols. This has been stated by Suresh Kalani, an additional commissioner of BMC.


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