INC Addresses Charging of Fees for Continuing Nursing Education Credits

In a recent circular, the Indian Nursing Council has drawn attention to the issue of State Nursing Registration Councils (SNRCs) charging fees for the allocation of Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) credit hours. The circular, addressed to nursing institutions and councils, emphasizes the importance of CNE in the renewal of registration for nurses and midwives every five years.

The gazette notification, numbered 471 and dated 06.11.2020, highlighted the mandatory nature of CNE for the renewal process and stressed its role in fostering the professional and personal development of nursing personnel. The Indian Nursing Council itself grants CNE credits without any associated charges.

The circular explicitly states that SNRCs should refrain from charging fees, both from nursing institutions conducting CNEs and individual nurses. Lt Col (Dr) Sarvjeet Kaur, the Secretary of the Indian Nursing Council, underlines that CNE is integral to continuous learning for nursing personnel and is directly linked to the renewal of their registration.

Moreover, the circular encourages SNRCs to motivate nursing institutions to organize CNEs, enhancing the personal and professional development of nurses while advancing their competencies.

To streamline the process, the circular informs recipients about an upcoming portal that will be operational soon. This portal will allow nursing organizations to upload information related to CNE, and it will be integrated with the Nursing Registration and Tracking System (NRTS). Once CNE details are available on the portal, SNRCs can efficiently verify the information with nursing organizations and proceed with the registration renewal process.

The circular concludes by reaffirming the commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the nursing sector.


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