Biodegradable Patch Developed to Monitor Glucose By Anna University

Medical Patch
Medical Patch

India is on the way of new developments and innovation. Researchers from Anna University located in Chennai have developed a new biodegradable material to minimize the wastage that occurred during the use of glucose test strips. It is a cellulose derivative based-polymer, which uses sweat to detect levels of glucose and alcohol in the body.

The new material limits as a working terminal. The other two are made in a way that avoids the use of zinc oxide which is an inorganic blend. In vitro cell culture contemplates, specialists utilized human blood serum instead of fetal ox-like serum which is extricated in a most pitiless way by butchering pregnant cows.

Medical Patch
Medical Patch

Commonly, in most of the materials, plastic is utilized as a stick and base to place a working electrode, a reference electrode, and a counter electrode which are required for sensors. But in this case, the material itself is a working electrode thus reduces plastic use.

It can be used as a non-prominent sensor. It is because of the reason that it is flexible and transparent. It can also be associated with a smartwatch to show the assembly of glucose and alcohol in the sweat It can likewise be associated with an application, which can send a caution if the liquor utilization is higher than a set breaking point.

Researchers proclaimed that the lowest detection level found for ethanol was 0.34mM. And for glucose, it was 0.4mM. Preethi Ramadoss, a lead researcher at Anna University, said that the cellulose material will automatically degrade itself within 15 days. And as a cherry on top, this material is available at very low costs. She also said that the earlier plastic was creating a problem of medical waste, as it was used in the strips. The lancets which contain blood can likewise communicate irresistible infections like HIV, Hepatitis B and it presents a genuine ecological danger. The material is additionally antibacterial, consequently, it tends to be securely utilized on delicate skin without causing any diseases.

This is an incredible advance towards an economical turn of events and sustainable development. It diminishes clinical waste as well as is low cost which makes it available to all.


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