An Indian-Origin Nurse Honored With President Award In Singapore

Gold Medal with Ribbon.
Gold Medal with Ribbon.

Ms. Kala Narayanswamy, a 59-year-old Indian-origin nurse in Singapore among five other nurses was awarded President award for nurses for serving incredible performance during COVID-19 pandemic. She is the deputy director of nursing at Woodland Health Campus.

All five nurses are awarded by a certificate signed by President Halimah Yacob and SCD 10000(USD 7,228) with the trophy. 

In addition, she was also rewarded for using infection control practices which were alone by her during 2003 Sebring accurate acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) outbreak.

she is the part of the modernization of Nursing in Singapore with her past projects including the implementation of a self-checkout Inventory management vending machine to track the usage of items. Moreover, she was also involved in the introduction of the use of a streamline wound assessment process that provides accurate wound measurements and image capture. 

Now she is the part of the planning of woodland health campus scheduled to open in 2022 with the 40-year experience to lead the development of the nursing field for the diversion of medicine at the campus.

This special president award is introduced in the year 2000 for nurses who have done extraordinary and outstanding performance and contribution to education, patient care, administration, and research. 77 nurses had received this award since it is introduced. Nurses from any sector are eligible for it.  

Other award winners were specialized nurses in medical fields, namely, Tay Yee Kian, Patrica Yong Yueh Like, Alice Chua Foong Sin, Chin Soh Mun.


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