AIIMS Increases Stipend for Nursing Interns by 26 Times

Representational image of nursing student internship

New Delhi, June 2, 2023 – In a significant development, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has decided to increase the stipend for nursing students undertaking internships by nearly 26 times. This revision will result in nursing students receiving a monthly stipend of Rs 13,150, a significant jump from the previous amount of Rs 500.

The decision to raise the stipend comes after years of persistent demands from nursing students who argued that the existing stipend was inadequate to cover their living expenses.

Recognizing the validity of their concerns, the Union Health Ministry issued a directive in July 2022, instructing all central government hospitals to increase the stipend for nursing interns to 50% of the stipend provided to MBBS interns.

AIIMS’ decision to heed the demands of nursing students and increase their stipend is a welcomed move. The substantial raise will enable nursing students to meet their living expenses more comfortably and dedicate themselves to their studies without financial worries.

Moreover, this increase in stipend has the potential to attract more students to pursue a career in nursing, contributing to the growth and development of the nursing profession.

By addressing the long-standing demand for a higher stipend, AIIMS has demonstrated its commitment to supporting and empowering nursing students, ensuring that they receive the recognition and financial support they deserve during their internships.


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