CGFNS-Certified Global Nurse Consultant

The world has recently witnessed a surge in the demand for nurses and front-line workers as every country struggles with the virulent COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses have been toiling endlessly since the inception of the pandemic last year. The Indian Government has continually addressed the efforts of the nation’s nurses and encouraged the masses to take up nursing to help the nation combat the scarcity of medical staff. Amidst much chaos and anticipation, a recently announced initiative by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and CGFNS International, Inc. (CGFNS) has made headlines in the country’s medical community. Both parties have come up with a new provision that enables nurses to attain a seat at the policy table of the healthcare sector. CGFNS and ICN will be collectively developing a skilled cadre of Certified Global Nurse Consultants (CGNC) in recognition of the knowledge and capabilities attained by highly-qualified nurses globally. The initiative has been hailed by the Indian nursing community as this opens up countless opportunities for nurses of the Indian medical community to showcase their skills and qualify for the esteemed position. A first of its kind, the provision aims to successfully acknowledge the experiences, skills, and knowledge of nurses and provide the best of them with lucrative career opportunities. CGFNS and ICN aim to bridge the exacerbating demand for front-line workers and nurses by introducing the CGNS body that will include solely the most skilled and knowledgeable of nurses globally. The unconventional program will be taking the following credentials into account:

  • Professional accomplishments
  • Unique and unconventional contributions to the world of healthcare
  • Educational achievements
  • Exemplary contributions in their particular areas of interest and expertise

The newly launched provision is scheduled to facilitate the selection process of nurses worldwide for a plethora of specific roles, beginning from policymakers and administrators to educators and, clinic specialists. Once a candidate fulfills the CGNS criteria, they will be duly issued a certificate of honor as a recognition of their accumulation of skills, knowledge, and varied experiences. ICN has continued to act as a global voice for nurses. The program will allow Indian nurses to work abroad and prove their expertise on an international level. Annette Kennedy, President of ICN speaks in favor of the provision, confirming that she believes in the inclusion of nurses in the body of policymakers in the healthcare sectors. The CGNS will be endowed with the responsibility of advocating and promoting appropriate policies in healthcare. The certificate will act as a gateway for the candidates by allowing them the following facilities:

  • Consult with governmental bodies
  • Contribute to a plethora of ICN initiatives
  • Assist healthcare institutions and NGOs during and post-COVID pandemic

FAAN, RN, EdD, FFNMRCSI, CEO, and President of CGFNS International, Franklin A. Shaffer has reiterated the need to include nurses in the policy-making body of the healthcare domain. The creation of the CGNS body strives to facilitate the selection of skilled nurses. The program comes at a suitable time as CGFNS and ICN prepare to celebrate the 16th anniversary of another commendable successful collaboration, the International Centre on Nurse Migration (ICNM). The nursing community as well as the medical community, at large, hails the initiative. The Indian nation will be open to a plethora of opportunities following this provision.