Health for All Film Festival-WHO

Films have always been used as widely popular and creative mode of expression. Their audio-visual nature provides them a pervasive power for social influence. Earlier the WHO has invited submissions for film competition based on the theme focussing on ‘health promotion and education for health’. The second edition of Health for All Film Festival has received approximately 1200 short film submissions from 110 countries, which have now have been shortlisted to 15-16 titles in each of the three categories which are mentioned below:

  1. Universal Health Coverage
  2. Health Emergencies and,
  3. Better Health and well-being

The WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also asserted that telling stories is as old as human civilization. Films always aids to inspire, motivate, build empathy, sharing problems so that shared solutions can be also be found together. Further, he also stated that festival is not only the way to narrate stories but also to change the arc of people’s stories towards health throughout the world.

The public can even view the shortlisted films via the WHO Youtube channel or available on the Festival’s website and are also invited to post comments and questions on the short-films which will be answered during virtual award ceremonies in May.

The Festival jury will consist of distinguished professionals, artists and activists along with four WHO senior experts:

Eurenio Derbez (Actor from Mexico); Dr. Leyla Hussein (Psychotherapist from Somalia and activist on gender rights); Martin Fernando Jakobsen (Director of NGO Turning Tables from Denmark and activist for Youth empowerment); Sonia Lowman (Documentary Film Director from USA); Milica Momcilovic (President of World Federation of Science Journalists from Serbia); and Vithika Yadav (Human Rights activists from India).

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The distinguished professionals, artists and activists will review the shortlisted films recommend winners to WHOs Director-General where the final decision will lie.

The announcement of the ‘Grand Prix’ for each of the three categories will be on 13th May. There are also special prizes for each of category i.e. for Student-produced film, Health educational film aimed at youth and Health equity film to pay accolade to the theme of the World Health Day campaign in 2021.    


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