The Trained Nurses’ Association of India (TNAI) has recently been selected for the 6th Women Astitva Samman. TNAI has announced that it’s National President, Professor (Dr.) Roy K George will receive the award virtually on behalf of TNAI. The esteemed selection has been made by the PHD Family Welfare Foundation. The honorable award is scheduled to be conferred by the Secretary of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, Mr. Ram Mohan Mishra. The event will feature two exclusive award ceremonies- the 6th Women Astitva Samman and the 5th Junior Astitva Samman.

This felicitation has been lauded by the nation’s citizens as a mark of recognition and gratitude towards the nurses and front-line workers toiling every day to ensure proper treatment and care of patients all across the nation. The deadly COVID virus forced the Indian Government’s hand at imposing a nationwide lockdown since the initial months of 2020. The nation’s nurses have been playing an integral role in the healthcare sector, since. Their tenacity and patience have finally paid off as India has recently deemed its recovery rate exemplary and withdrawn its stringent lockdown guidelines.

The Trained Nurses’ Association of India (TNAI) has been praised as a prominent professional nursing association that has garnered global recognition since its establishment in 1908. Millions of skilled nurses and medical officials have flourished under its mentorship and guidance. At a time when medical professionals are highly in demand, TNAI has been doing its part and leaving its unforgettable mark on the nation’s graph of progress. It has proven itself to be a leading association that focuses on and paves the way for women’s empowerment in the nation. TNAI strives to eradicate decades of patriarchy in society by educating women and imparting skills in them in the respectable domain of nursing, in turn aiming to make women more and more self-sufficient and independent.

Scheduled to be held virtually on February 12, 2021, the 6th Women Astitva Samman aims to confer the award of the highest degree as an honor and symbolic recognition for promoting women empowerment all across the nation. The 5th Junior Astitva Samman strives to acknowledge and promote the exemplary initiatives shown by the students of India towards the betterment of the nation. Hosted by the PHD Family Welfare Foundation and the National Apex Chamber, the event is scheduled to begin at 6 PM IST. TNAI has confirmed the pleasant news via Twitter.