WHO reportedly suspects COVID-19 virus origination

It has been more than a year since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus worldwide and it was reported first in the Wuhan Province of China. Ever since, several countries, including the USA, have blamed China for not transparently revealing the origin of the coronavirus, which has already taken millions of lives globally. A team of 14 scientists from the WHO (World Health Organisation) are now undertaking an investigation into these accusations including the fact that the virus may have leaked from a Wuhan-based laboratory.

Their probe has been completed and reports state that investigators from the WHO have supported the claims made by the ruling Communist Party of China that the virus originated initially from imported frozen and cold-chain products including Australian beef. The leader of the team from WHO, Peter Embarek, has reportedly stated that further studies should be conducted on finding out whether the coronavirus was imported into China, stating that is was extremely unlikely for the virus to have been leaked from any laboratory. The team also reportedly declared that no further studies should be done on the latter theory.

China had claimed in October that the SARS-CoV2 outbreak was actually observed in several parts of the globe last year although the country was the sole nation to have reported the same. China claimed that it was the first country to have taken action while dismissing theories about the origination of the virus in Wuhan before spreading into a pandemic. The WHO report may be a boost for China although critics of the premier organization have been labeling this as Chinese whitewashing as well.

Greg Hunt, the Health Minister of Australia, has stated that it was not surprising that there are no surprises in China. He talked of how the overwhelming possibility remains of there being a source which is animal-based and also that the virus is expected to crop up somewhere near the first human cases. Matt Canavan, the Australian Senator, has criticized this investigation as well, stating that it seems that China has something to hide, throughout the whole investigation and it has dragged and frustrated inquiries. China has previously blamed several nations for the pandemic as per reports, including Greece, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Russia, Serbia and the Czech Republic along with the U.S.

At this point in time, the overall picture remains unclear although official findings may be published soon by the WHO. China-Australia relations have been impacted after the probe was called for discovering the origin of the coronavirus.