Nurses on Covid-19 Duty Request Regularisation

The whole world has taken a sigh of relief after the successful rollout of vaccines, but the nurses who worked tirelessly during the pandemic are still distressed. It is not the first time the nation has witnessed a strike against authorities over the pending demands by the nursing community. This time the nurses in Tamil Nadu went on the hunger strike to bring the attention of authorities over the pending demands.

The innocent nurses claimed that the authorities neglected their previous demands so they had to turn to the only option of the strike to bring the matter to the notice of authorities. Over 400 nurses took part in the strike who were recruited for Covid-19 duties in May 2020. They staged the protest in DMS Campus on Thursday.

More than 3000 nurses were recruited who had given the medical recruitment board exam. R Sindhan pointed out that these nurses were on the waiting list after the exam. He is currently Joint Secretary in TN Contract Nurses Association. And even now the tenure has been extended for two months after the past six months.

The nurses showed their grief and stated that they worked risking their lives for the people of the society. More than 200 of the nurses got infected but still, they all worked effortlessly in the fight against Covid-19. They left their families behind so that they could take care of other’s families. They said that they deserve government jobs. The Health Department must recruit them as there vacancies in the department.

Some nurses are claimed that they wrote the medical recruitment board exam, so there should not be any problem in recruiting the nurses as they are eligible for the post of staff nurses.

Director of Medical Services S Gurunathan said that they are going to consider the requests of these nurses. He also fixed an appointment with Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan to talk on the matter and take the decision as early as possible. He assured the nurses about their grievances and confirmed to decide after the meeting with Health Secretary.

Samyak Shah
Samyak Shah holds strong political views and doesn't fear to question to reveal the truth. He analyzes the sources and writes in the areas of reduced healthcare financial barriers, accounting. He writes reports, opinions, and breaking news.