Cowin app for vaccination

Indian government launched the Cowin app for vaccination purposes. People needed to register on the app to apply for the vaccine. The Chairman of the vaccination group, RS Sharma, informed that now the Cowin app does not automatically book an appointment for a second dose.

He said that people themselves need to book for a second dose after the recommended gap laid by the authority. Earlier the app automatically scheduled the appointment but it would be discontinued. This decision was taken after the center advised the states and union territories to increase the gap between the two doses to 4-8 weeks.

It is to be noted that the increased time interval is only applicable to covishield. The health ministry clarified that it does not apply to Covaxin.

Cowin is the platform used for registration and booking for vaccination. People can go to the following link to get themselves registered for vaccination.

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Rajesh Bhushan in the letter wrote that the Union Health Ministry has accepted the advice by NTAGI and NEGVAC that the beneficiaries need to take a break of 4-8 weeks after the first dose.

According to the health ministry, 5,31,45,709 doses of vaccine have been registered. India has reported 1,60,441 casualties with 1,12,05,160 recoveries till date.

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