Safe delivery app

The Safe Delivery App has been developed by NHM and Maternity foundation to promote safe delivery in government hospitals in the Rohtas district of Bihar. On 09th February 2021, virtual training will be given to women physicians and medical workers for its successful implementation.

The Acting Chief Medical Officer (ACMO) Dr.KN Tiwari stated that the State Program Officer (Maternal Health) Dr. Sarita has instructed to ensure the participation of concerned personnel and physicians in virtual training.

Further he also stated that there will be involvement of medical officers in charge of all 19 primary health centres, community health centres in the district, sub-divisional and deputy superintendents of Sardar hospital, managers, all staff nurses, personnel working on ANM, PHC and Health & Wellness Centre in the virtual training, where the safe and institutional delivery will be promoted by furnishing details related to the delivery via app.

In case of any problem arsing at the time of delivery, the staff nurse and ANM will get virtual information via app. In such a situation, the life of mother and child will also rescue by getting quick treatment. This app is meant for ANM and staff nurses who deliver in rural areas.

The app contains a list of problems occurring at the time of delivery, its causes, problem, information regarding diagnosis and video is available, so that health workers can view the video and diagnose it at the time of delivery. One has to register initially after installing the app in mobile. Post this, employees can avail the information without internet facility.

The ultimate objective behind the training is to avail better healthcare facilities to the patients. Its foremost aim is to reduce maternal and child mortality in the district, also to deal with the challenges faced during childbirth and after delivery. The training will provide information how to deal with the problems encountered during delivery.