morale of nursing personnel

Bihar: The quality of work is the most important component in every working field. And it becomes more vital when it comes to the medical field. The authorities of a small district named Bhagalpur situated in the state of Bihar has come up with a new initiative to increase the morale of health personnel. This initiative not only helps the nurses but also ameliorates the quality of work.

This scheme comes under the National Health Mission, in which nursing health personnel working in hospitals will be provided with competency skill-based skills.

According to the scheme, cash rewards, badges, and aprons will be awarded to the nursing workers who will achieve better ranks during the evaluation. Manoj Kumar who is working as the Executive Director of the State Health Committee has issued a letter in this regard. In the letter, he explained the scheme and its benefits. Care India teams will provide assistance at the block and district levels during the evaluation.

Aprons of different colors will be issued according to the rankings. Along with this cash prize of Rs. 5000 will be provided to the highest rank achiever at the district level and Rs. 3000 at block levels. Maroon color apron and violet color apron will be provided to MSc nursing and BSc nursing respectively. A green color apron to ANM and Blue color apron to GNM will also be provided.

Nurses will also be given stars as per their rankings. Three-star will be given to 85% rankers, two stars to 60-85 % rank holders, and one star to 50-60 rankers. District Health Committee will be solely responsible for purchasing badges and aprons.

Skill and experience will be evaluated on the following matters:-

  1. Basic nursing care from ANM and GNM
  2. Essential advice to pregnant ladies during the first and third stages of delivery.
  3. Eclampsia Management
  4. Neonatal Care
  5. BP measurement
  6. Urine test
  7. Delivery pain and umbilical cord under maternal care
  8. Symptoms with hypovolemia
  9. Family Planning Methods
  10. Importance of breastfeeding at birth
  11. Child immunization

The scheme is launched in the view of boosting the morale of nursing workers and improve the quality of care.

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