Coronil Patanjali

Last year around 23rd June, Patanjali had earlier introduced Ayurveda-based coronil when unprecedented crisis Covid-19 was at its peak. Although, it was subject to severe censure as it lacked scientific evidence and it was indicated as ‘Immuno-booster’ only.  

This ancient ayurvedic system of medicine has persisted even in the 21st century, and in upcoming years, it will also gain popularity across the world as complementary and alternative medicine.

To support this idea, recently a day ago, Patanjali’s Coronil developed at Haridwar has received certification from Ayush Ministry in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) certification scheme. The launch of the first and foremost evidence-based medicine for Covid-19 was presided by Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, with Union Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Coronil has received the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CoPP) from the Ayush Ministry of Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation according to the WHO certification scheme was stated by Haridwar based Patanjali Ayurved company.  

In addition to this, Dr Harshvardhan has also stated that post the Covid-19 crisis, the remarkable growth rate of Ayurveda have been observed which has risen to 50-90% which earlier used to be 15-20% in the past years.

Earlier Coronil medicine was regarded as ‘Immuno-booster’ only, which now based on presented data has recognised as ‘supporting measure in Covid-19’. This certification will also apprise about its fallacy being in the minds of people.

Now, Coronil will be subject to export to 158 countries under CoPP (Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product). The Patanjali Coronil kit consists of Coronil tablet, Anu Taila and Swasari vati which helps in boosting immunity along with other reliefs and benefits.