Nursing Together

On 2nd February 2021, Nursing Now launched their new campaign called Nurses Together. It’s a fund-raising campaign aiming to persuade people, ministers of health, minister of finance, elected representatives, decision-makers and budget holders to invest in nursing.

This investment will help improve the recruitment, education, decent work, and leadership of the nurses. At such times nurses should be the priority to improve the general public’s health.

It’s a health platform for nurses to talk about the changes they want to see, to place their voices and reach to the masses. To inform the policy makers for the shortages they have. It is a Global parliamentary lobby to discuss the issues faced by nurses.

Around 704 groups, over 30000 participants and 126 counties are already part of it. This campaign will run till 7Th April, which is the World Health Day.

The importance of this initiative-

Nurses are on the frontline, they treat patients at every stage of life, they are very important to achieve universal health targets. An investment in this field will lead to a worldwide transformation of health, gender equality and economic growth.

The right time?

The right time is now, before 7th April World Health Day ahead of the world health assembly when all the countries will be deciding their budget for health systems. The COVID-19 situation showed us the importance of the nurses, so it’s the right time for them to share their stories and experiences on the platform and influence people.

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Nursing Now is an organization collaborating with WHO and the International Council of Nurses. It works towards improving the working condition of nurses around the world. It spreads awareness about how nurses are working in the most difficult situations and most adverse atmospheres to serve the society.  

To raise your voice, you can visit their website and create a lobby and define your problem and build a case for change.