Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Nursing Leaders Opinion

Dr. Rajeshwari Muppid‪i‬, President TNAI

We have to market our leadership qualities- Dr. Rajeshwari Muppid‪i‬

In this episode, Rajeswari Muppidi, who is a Nursing Professor and Community Health Nurse, sharing her experience of nursing in India and Saudi Arabia....
Harish Kajla

A lot of work still needed in the nursing profession-Harish Kajal‪a‬

Harish Kajala said that "Seeing the smile of the patient at discharge, it seems that in the next life also come as a nurse"...
Dr. Manju Dhandapani

“Nurses can do much more for the patient outcome”- Dr. Manju Dhandapani

Listen to the nursing faculty and neuroscience nurse, Dr. Manju Dhandapani. She is a top 100 nurse and midwife leader by Women in Global...
Dr. Swati Rane

Patient Advocacy is Must- Dr. Swati Rane

Advocacy in healthcare is an important aspect. Swati Rane who is a nurse and public health expert is sharing her thoughts and ideas about...
Kaveri Mayra Nursing leaders opinion

Discussion with Kaveri Mayra- Researcher in University of Southampton

Listen to nursing and midwifery leader and researcher Kaveri Mayra's. Her career pathway includes nursing and midwifery workforce development and governance, health systems research...
Jibin TC Nursing leaders opinion

NNMC Bill Discussion with Jibin TC-National Secretary United Nurses Association India.

National Nursing and Midwifery Commission is going to finalize very soon. Jibin TC (National Secretary and Maharasthra State President, UNA) is with us to...