Ethics & Registration Board

NNMC Bill which is going to replace the Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947 will constitute certain autonomous boards. And one of them is the Nursing and Midwifery Ethics and Registration Board.

Nursing and Midwifery Ethics and Registration Board will have the following powers and can act on it  as it deems necessary:

  1. Discharge its duties
  2. Recommended to the Commission
  3. And seek directions from the Commission
Ethics & Registration Board

The board will also have to perform the following functions:

  • It will maintain the Central Register. It will contain the names and address of these recognized qualified persons
    • Nursing associate
    • Midwifery associate
    • Midwifery professional
    • Nursing professional.

This register will be held online and easily accessible.

  • The board will be solely responsible for approving and rejecting the applications for registration of nurses, midwives, nurse associates, and midwife associates.
  • According to the regulations of the act, the board will promote nursing and midwifery ethics and regulate professional conduct.

The board will maintain the code of conduct through the State Nursing and Midwifery Commission which will have the power to take any actions against the defaulters in the misconduct.

  • The board will ensure the promotion and regulation of the conduct of nursing and midwifery professionals. For this, it will develop several mechanisms to maintain continuous interaction with the State Nursing and Midwifery Commission.
  • It will also exercise jurisdiction on the actions taken by the State Nursing and Midwifery Commission.
  • The board will have to provide a mechanism for quick redressal of complaints and grievances.
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