Netherlands Healthcare Workers denied Covid-19 Vaccine

The whole world is confused after the mixed responses to the Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine has received different reactions from different countries. To add salt to wounds, people are losing confidence in the vaccine as around 87000 nurses have denied getting the shot.

In the Netherlands, around 87k nurses refused to become part of an experiment. They said that they are not guinea pigs. This refusal came after the mixed reaction and side effects of the vaccine.

Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of Netherlands, has, yet again, imposed a five-week lockdown. This lockdown became essential as the covid cases were increasing rapidly. The Netherlands witnessed a sharp rise in corona cases after 5 December. The whole nation celebrated saint Nichols’ birthday on 5 December.

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Dr. Elke De Klerk who belongs to the Netherlands also joined hands with these nurses. She stated that she agrees with these nurses and supports them in their resolution to not get the vaccine.

It has created a lot of controversies in the world. The experiments cannot be mandatory. It is against the rights. These nurses cannot be treated as an object for experimentation. They cannot be treated similarly to guinea pigs.

Only a day ago, it was found out that some healthcare workers from Alaska have experienced side effects due to the use of the vaccine. According to reports, these workers belonged to Bartlett hospital in Juneau. They developed an alarming and diverse reaction shortly after the dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine.

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These workers’ reactions were closely observed and revealed for the sake of transparency. Pfizer also noted the side effects and working on it. Similar cases were also reported in the United Kingdom.

Nurses have already been risking their lives and treating Covid-19 patients. According to them, they have developed antibodies and thus do not warrant a vaccine.

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