My name is Navkiran Kaur a teacher, a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a nurse entrepreneur. I belong to a very small village of Punjab. I basically belong to a middle-class family where there is no discrimination between boys and girls. Me and my brother was given same education opportunities. In fact, I was always supported by my family to get a higher education and had got their support at every point in my personal and professional life.

Unlike every normal Indian family my parents always wanted me to do something different and big. And that’s why from the very beginning, a goal was set in my mind that I can never be satisfied at something average. Be it my professional or personal life. In my school, I was elected as Headgirl and my teachers told me that I had good leadership skills. At that time my teenage mind thought that there is some kind of “Spark” in me because of which I was elected among many students. Then I kind of fell in love with that spark and started working more towards igniting that SPARK more!! It was then started getting more and more confidence. Till date, I am like that teenager who won’t let her spark go.


After my 12th I started to work hard to achieve my dream of becoming a Physician. But my destiny took a turn and I ended up becoming a nurse instead. In 2005 I got 14th rank in PPMET at the state level and got admission to Punjab state’s well-known college Govt. College of Nursing Rajindra Hospital, Patiala. But after admission I had realized that this college was severely lacking even basic facilities for student nurses like there was no college building, the classes were being taken in an old hostel building. The mess facilities were very filthy, there was no playground and above all no clean drinking water facility, forget about library and canteen. We were having very few teachers and for the most of the time, the students were forced to do over duties sometimes for continuous 12 hours to compensate for staff shortage in our parent hospital. I took a stand against it. I made a team when I was elected as the President. Soon we were able to contact other government colleges of the state and in 2009 we did probably the biggest and most successful strike in the nursing history in Punjab. During that time I was threatened by administrators and even government officials to take that strike back but as a student, I had nothing to lose and I decided to fight for it.

It went for 6 months and we ended up with ONE CRORE grant from the Punjab government for our college building and also we were able to start 4000 rupees per month stipend for Bsc. Nursing students in government colleges of Punjab. Till date, this stipend is given to all the Bsc. Nursing students and also now there is a huge college building of the College of Nursing and also a library and canteen. During that time my Principal called my Mother to the college and said that I am the worst student of her college and also I can never be successful in my life as I am very poor in studies (inspite of getting distinctions in various subjects). To my surprise, my mother reverts back saying “ She might not be the BEST today according to your protocol, but one day she will prove that she is the best and most successful student of your college.”  These wordings from my mother took over my mind and I realized what was that biggest power that kept me going till date.

Navkiran’s Short Story Video

After my graduation, I started working in a nursing college as a clinical instructor. I did a job for almost a year there. Once I was in clinicals with my students where a surgeon noticed me teaching my students and he called me and said that he really liked the way I am dedicated towards my work. Then he suggested me to do Msc. Nursing from PGIMER Chandigarh. He said that I deserve to be at that place. That was the time when I seriously started preparing for that entrance exam. I worked very hard and got top rank at all India level and got selected there. During my postgraduation, I had learned a lot from that college. Here, I was one of the toppers of my class and my teachers would always encourage me to do my best.

By that time I had started teaching students for various competitive exams. After my postgraduation, I had done jobs in few private universities. But back in my head, I was knowing that I am not meant for this. I was well known among students for my passion towards teaching and I had the idea of starting professional coaching for nurses.  But the question was to implement it with limited resources available. So I started a job at an NCLEX coaching centre at a very less salary along with my regular job in a private institute. Basically, I was feeding my passion and gaining an idea about this business. Meanwhile, I cracked GMCH 32 tutor recruitment exam and started working there. After some time I cracked various entrance exams like PGIMER nursing officer, ESIC, other state government exams, etc. This added to my fame further among the nursing students. I Had worked for 3 years as a nursing officer in PGIMER Chandigarh.

In 2014, finally we took a small showroom on rent in Chandigarh and started our first batch there. In my first batch only I gave 17 selections in PGIMER Chandigarh.  At that time there were no institutions in Chandigarh providing coaching classes to nurses for government exams preparation. And it was very difficult to make people understand that nurses can also do business. After this success, I never looked back. Till date, hundreds of nursing aspirants have got jobs and admissions in the topmost government institutions through my classes.

After some years I got married and my husband is equally supportive and we had a baby boy. Then I immigrated to Canada along with my family and I decided to continue my work here too. Initially, it was very difficult to establish myself on this foreign land. But from the very beginning, I am use to towards hardwork. To my luck, I found a lot of my old students here and already there was a trust factor among my students towards me. So I started my institute Navkiran Nursing Hub Ltd. here in Ontario, Canada where I started giving classes for CPNRE and NCLEX along with helping Nurses for their NNAS process. I have started my Youtube channel Navkiran’s Nursing Classes also to help the budding nurses and I have got an excellent response.  Many nurses have achieved their dreams of becoming LPN or RN in foreign countries through my classes. My Youtube channel is steadily becoming a family of nursing aspirants where they can find guidance and support to pursue their career dreams. Now my classes are not only limited to India or Canada as this girl from a small village of India is helping the nurses globally. And as my mother said to my Principal in 2008, as far as I know now I am the most successful student of my college!!