Nurse P. Niveda Administering Vaccine to Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi tweeted early on Monday, March 1, 2021, informing the nation that he had received the first dose of the indigenous COVID-19 vaccine at AIIMS, Delhi. India has recently launched its line of brand new home-grown COVID-19 vaccines that have sealed India’s spot in the global medical community. Nurse P. Niveda administered the vaccine to Narendra Modi.

People above the age of 60 and those over 45 with comorbidities can get COVID-19 vaccines from 1 March for free at government facilities. Private hospitals may charge for the vaccine.

India has been exporting mass consignments of its indigenous vaccines all across the world. This unprecedented medical miracle has facilitated India’s recovery rates immensely. The Modi government has made vaccines readily available and exceptionally affordable. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has curated a priority list of the vaccine to make the implementation process equitable.

In the tweet, Narendra Modi has lauded the remarkable efforts and diligence shown by the nation’s medical community- doctors, scientists, nurses, front-line workers, medical staff- in developing a treatment method within such a short span of time. He has applauded the doctors and scientists for their efforts to “strengthen the global fight against COVID-19”. The nation’s medical representatives have been tirelessly toiling away at the hospitals and other miscellaneous healthcare centers since the inception of the pandemic. India owes its success in the global medical sphere to the doctors, scientists, and nurses across the nation whose dedication reflects in their work.

Prime Minister Modi has appealed to the nation’s masses to get a shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. He has asked people to check the Center’s eligibility criteria and register accordingly, before it is too late. India’s COVID-19 vaccine has garnered sizable attention among researchers worldwide. It has been praised for its affordability and efficacy. India is one of the first countries to have rolled out its indigenous vaccines available for exportation globally at such short notice. The Modi government has been heavily promoting the vaccines in every part of the nation, since their recent launch. The vaccines have worked wonders during the first few experimental trials.

Narendra Modi has recently launched the PM Atmanirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana that has been heading advancements in the medical sphere during the challenging times of the pandemic. India offers the biggest health insurance in the worked to its citizens in the form of the AYUSH health insurance. India has been making great progress in the medical domain and it has been amplifying the nation’s global image. PM Modi has concluded his tweet by asserting that the nation’s aim is to be united and make India “COVID-19 free”.


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