Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In a recent virtual meeting conducted on the 23rd of February, 2021, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harshvardhan discussed advancements and agendas related to India’s healthcare sector and its budget overlay. Modi has affirmed that the Indian Government is taking into consideration the opinions and advice of the sectors involved in the budget-allocation to fast-track the careful and strategic utilization of the announced budgets and schemes from April 1, 2021. The two prior months before the stipulated date of April 1, will be used to prepare for the thorough implementation of the budgets. The recent virtual meeting regarding developments in the health sector was carried forward in accordance with this notification.

Prime Minister Modi drew the nation’s attention towards the unprecedented budget allocation to the healthcare sector in 2021. The Lok Sabha has announced a budget approximation of Rs. 2.23 lakh crores to the healthcare sector in this year’s budget overlay. The move has been lauded by many as a symbol of progress for India, as Modi hailed it as a “commitment to provide better health to all countrymen”. Modi has appreciated the amicable collaborations between the Indian Government and numerous indigenous private companies, for they have successfully conducted nearly 21 crore COVID tests in a brief span.

In the latest address, Modi has promised special focus on the healthcare sector of India that has unexpectedly taken a hit owing to the ravages of the virulent pandemic. “From medicine to medical equipment, from ventilators to vaccines, from scientific research to surveillance infrastructure”, the Indian Government has taken a vow to supervise the advancement in the healthcare sector, to be prepared for similar unforeseen outbreaks in the future. The PM Swasth Bharat Yojana has made headlines for its efficacy in improving India’s medical sector. The Prime Minister has declared four fronts that the Indian healthcare system has undertaken for future development-

  • Prevention of diseases,
  • Affordable treatment for the underprivileged sections,
  • Stringent quality control of the healthcare infrastructure and its associated healthcare professionals,
  • Careful management of time and equal focus on each front in tackling one problem at a time

Narendra Modi has given his word, stating, “Our local bodies, after recommending the 15th Finance Commission, are going to get more than Rs. 70 thousand crores for the provision of those health services. This means that the government’s job is not only to invest in the health sector but also to extend the health sector to far-flung areas”.  Moreover, he has reminded the nation that the lucrative advancements in the healthcare sector will be beneficial in creating employment opportunities in the medical community. The pandemic has witnessed a considerable scarcity of nurses, doctors, and front-line workers; the government budget overlay and the numerous latest schemes will resolve the same.

India has proven its worth during the demanding times of the pandemic. It recently launched indigenous COVID vaccines that are presently being mass-exported worldwide. Narendra Modi, in the virtual meeting, has lauded the health sector’s efforts at combatting the virus and making a place for itself on the global stage, stating, “We also have to prepare to maintain the trust of the world.” The impressive performance of the Indian healthcare sector during the pandemic will act as a harbinger of change as the nation awaits inflation in overseas students in India’s medical institutions.

Narendra Modi has asserted, “India’s budget is definitely a catalytic agent” while emphasizing strength in unity as the need of the hour. The Modi government has been praised for its attempts to integrate the previously scattered healthcare sector and prioritize health and wellbeing in the country. The recent meeting has given the nation hope regarding the future of the healthcare sector of India, while it struggles with the pandemic.


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