Health Insurance

The Medical Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh government, Vishwas Sarang, on 05th February 2021 has made an announcement with respect to render the benefit of health insurance to 12,500 medical, nursing and paramedical students under the scheme known as ‘Medical Education Student Insurance’. In addition to this, he further stated that presumably this will be the initial scheme for the medical students in the country.

The students are not required to give the premium amount but the government will get the medical colleges filled. Students who will be registering under this scheme will able to avail a benefit up to a limit of Rs 2 lakhs in a year for treatment, Rs 10 lakhs on demise and Rs 5 lakhs on permanent and temporary injuries.

Approximately 7,000 MBBS students studying in the state will be foremost and ultimate beneficiaries under this scheme. In addition to this, 2000 students pursuing their post-graduation, 1,300 nursing and 2,200 paramedical students will avail the benefit under the said scheme.

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Those students who are covered under the aforesaid scheme will be issued unique-cards. By showing this card, treatment will be available to them in any state hospital aside from MP. This treatment will be accessible only if the insurer has a contract with the hospitals in the respective states.