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Hard work is the pride of successful life. Without hard-work, life stands next to nothing. “Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.” And the prime example of hard work and determination is Madhuri Mishra. She has done an extraordinary, out of the blue kind of work in her life.

She has been working as a health care worker for the past 30 years. She always tried to be on duty and minimise the absenteeism. She walked 8 kilometers every day to vaccinate the children. The only motto of her life was to save maximum lives as possible by immunizing the needy ones specifically children. She began her journey in 1983 when she became a health worker in Bah block.

The path to health workers was also not simple. There were many thorns on her way. In 1978, when she was preparing for ANM, her father passed away. The responsibilities centered on Madhuri and no one in the family wanted her to pursue ANM anymore. But her will was greater than any of her family member’s deniability. So she took a job with a tailor to support her family and continue her fight to become ANM.

The main role she played as a health worker was as an immunizer. She said that around 90 percent of all the time consists of immunization. During the first decade, she worked in Bah block. And then she worked in Fatehabad Block for twenty years.

Agra CMO, Dr. RC Pandey, also appreciated her work. He said that Madhuri Mishra always has been an incredible campaigner for the immunization program. Dr. Sanjeev Burman, district immunization officer, said that even though her retirement was around the corner, but she worked continuously for more than 12 hours a day.

She also shared her work experience. She said that people always hesitated about getting vaccinated. Myths and rumors have set the people’s mindset negatively. But that too didn’t stop her. She went to their houses every day even when they didn’t open their doors. People also misbehaved but she never rested. Sometimes she brought other people who had vaccinated their children to villages until she could convince them.

She didn’t stop during the pandemic too. During the last stages of her employment, she vaccinated several frontline workers. She retired last week, but still, she has asked authorities to call her anytime when they need her services. Her husband died four years ago and her two sons are working. She is far from done. She said that misses going to work and us ready to continue as and when required.

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