Nursing Students doing strike
Indicative Image: Nursing Students doing strike

The Internet has become part and parcel of everyone’s life. But education should not be enclosed in the boundaries of the internet. The practical approach and training need face to face interaction which the virtual world lacks.

An incident was reported in Odisha where nursing students of SCB Medical College and Hostel staged a protest in view of the opening of colleges post lockdown. All the colleges, schools, and universities came to halt after the breakdown of the coronavirus. But the studies did not stop. Students have imparted education through virtual networks.

After things are coming back to normal, these students requested authorities to open the college so that can learn in a better way and make the most out of the clinical training. They were forced to vacate during March last year when the pandemic hit the nation.

Currently, the college is being used as the center for the vaccination program. The classes are still running on online platforms. The students are not pleased with the actions as other institutions like MKCG and VIMSAR are already opened for offline studies.

According to them, around 50 percent of students live in rural areas where they face poor connections and could not attend the classes.

Vice President of SCB Nurses Association, Lopita Sahoo, pointed out that the regular academic activities were to be resumed from 23 December last year. SCB Superintendent Prof Lucy Das also spoke on the matter. She also stated that other necessary actions are being taken to resume the classes offline.

The guest house has been booked for quarantining the doctors who were earlier staying in the college hostels. They requested students to wait for a week but students forcefully entered the premises.

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