Mission Paani

Water is one of the basic amenities of not only human life but also in the life of every living organism. But the problem of water scarcity is rising rapidly. The groundwater has dried up in many states. This problem warrants attention. It needed a new initiative for the conservation of water.

That is why Union Ministers and celebrities have come forward with an initiative ‘Mission Paani’. This initiative is based on two pillars:

  • Clean water to drink
  • Groundwater conservation

Jal Shakti Cabinet Minister, Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, appreciated the campaign. He emphasized the need to save clean water. He also shared PM Modi’s vision of limiting the use of water area wise.

Dr. Harshvardhan, Union Health Minister, also attended the event through video conferencing. He educated the audience about the importance of groundwater. He lauded the government’s ‘Water Technology Initiative’. This initiative works on the phenomenon that free and accessible water for drinking and agrarian across the country.

High profile people like Akshay Kumar, A. R. Rahman, Esha Deol, Prasoon Joshi, and Mallika Sarabhai also presided over the event. The event was organized to mark India’s 72 Republic Day. They took this auspicious day to send a message to communities about preserving the water.

Akshay Kumar took a pledge to save the water during his speech at the event. He requested everyone to take the pledge and make efforts to save the water. As it is said, water will be the reason for the third world war. We should take various steps to prove this statement false.

Prasoon Joshi and AR Rahman worked together on the anthem of Mission Paani. Rahman talked about the anthem and said working on the anthem is one of the closest things to its heart. They created the song in just a couple of hours.

Akshay Kumar also shared his memory about his slip disc injury in the 90s. The doctors suggested hydrotherapy. And just after a few months, he was all ready to run. He exercised and run in water which helped him a lot. He pointed that hydrotherapy is his savior.

The health minister gave the three rule mantra to remain healthy during the speech:

  1. Eat right things
  2. Incorporate physical activity
  3. Maintain cleanliness in your surroundings

The situation might have become worse due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is an urgent need to address this problem. Around 2 lakh people lose their lives due to water scarcity every year. More than 50 percent of people do not have a proper drinking water supply. In rural areas, more than 82 percent of homes are not facilitated with a system of piped water supply.

Samyak Shah holds strong political views and doesn't fear to question to reveal the truth. He analyzes the sources and writes in the areas of reduced healthcare financial barriers, accounting. He writes reports, opinions, and breaking news.