Union Minister Dr. Harshvardhan
Image Credit: Twitter

The pandemic has caused the healthcare sector in India to take a massive hit, due to an increased financial meltdown. Amidst the brewing chaos surrounding coronavirus, the Indian Government has confirmed that it will be taking necessary steps to roll out a separate sustained as well as planned investment in our public healthcare system. Union Minister, Dr. Harshvardhan has asserted during the 4th Future Investment Initiative Program that this move is aimed at meeting the financial challenges and otherwise, associated with the healthcare world owing to current as well as future pandemics and other unforeseen precarious circumstances.

The Union Minister has stated that India is in the process of rolling out an exclusive economic package of Rs. 2 million Crore, almost equivalent to 10% of our GDP under the Aatma-Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. The fund is essentially aimed towards increased investments in the sectors of Public Health to make India prepared for future obstacles. This comes as a relief to front-line workers as well as healthcare professionals who have been toiling overtime to provide excellent quality of nourishment and care to their patients. The Indian Government has put out an optimistic scope of increase in the investment allotted to Healthcare in the coming months.

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan has claimed that the investments will help consolidate ease of conducting business alongside improving the quality of life. When asked about the use of technology in combatting the pandemic, he has reiterated that the ‘AarogyaSetu App’ is being heavily used by more than 160 million people with the help of their smartphones. Bluetooth tracing technology has been put to use to keep track of COVID hotspots and alert the officials under the recent ITIHAS+AS patch of the AarogyaSetu App. He has stressed the importance of start-up challenges and Hackathons in widening the scope of technological intervention during the pandemic.

Discussions of combatting climate change and shifting towards clean fuel have also been conducted with the Union Minister, following which he has assured a full-fledged effort in developing skilled human resources along with heightened technological advancements. He further pointed towards the two recently released indigenous Covid vaccines in the market, asserting India’s fast-faced path to a steady recovery. Confirming that SII Private Limited will export Covishield to Saudi Arabian countries, Harsh Vardhan further introduced the future releases of the digital platform, Co-WIN as well as the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, two of the largest government healthcare forums in collaboration with technological developments.

The Future Investment Initiative Forum was held in Riyadh with the goal to arrive at solutions on diverse business as well as government plans of expansion in the healthcare sphere, with special focus on the training of healthcare workers and the removal of unnecessary regulatory restraints in the field of developed health technology.