INC urged nurses to actively participate in vaccination drive

Nurses and health care workers have played a very significant role in this fight against the pandemic. The way we are going back to our normal lives, the sole credit goes to nurses, doctors, and all those workers who risked their lives to bring back the joyous life. As and when the pandemic hit the nation, these people worked tirelessly and many frontline workers even lost their lives while saving the patients.

Indian Nursing Council salutes the efforts of these workers who played an extraordinary role in the war against Covid-19. But the fight has not ended yet. The country is yet to witness a vaccination drive for most of the people of the country. Covishield and Covaxin have been cleared for vaccination use.

INC issued a public notice requesting the nurses and other health workers to cooperate in the vaccination and make the government’s drive a huge success. INC requested these workers to lead by example. They should come forward and get vaccinated in a professional manner. This would not only safeguard their health but also create trust among the normal people about the vaccine.

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INC also urged all the authoritative bodies in state or private to encourage the health workers to participate in vaccination drive with full spirit. It is the duty of nurses and other health workers to provide important and correct information to the people of the country about the vaccine. They must ensure that fear of vaccination does not exist.

INC has been working closely with the government for the care of the nursing fraternity. Their appeal towards nurses to involve in inoculation drive is somewhat mandatory to remove the fear of vaccine among the general public. It is their duty towards society to ensure the best outcome of the vaccination drive.

Samyak Shah
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