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The lifestyle which was the most affected due to the Coronavirus was none other than nurses and medical staff workers. Their contribution to this human race is unaccountable. They went through a lot of stress and work pressure during the times of pandemic which has not ended yet.

This hectic lifestyle had a great impact on their minds. They are looking to get out of their profession due to heavy workload and mental pressure. This is going to create a new menace for the world as even if the authorities train new nurses they will need at least 3 years of training. This will create a huge shortage of experienced nurses. And also the new joiners would not be able to fulfill the spots of these experienced nurses who might leave.

The ICN conducted a survey throughout the world. The survey revealed the fact that the number of nurses leaving the profession is increasing. Ninety percent of them are concerned that the following factors are leading to the exodus of nurses:-

  • Mental stress
  • Hyper Workload
  • Inadequate Resources, and
  • Burn Out

It believes that this an alarming call for authorities to act. According to them, a large number of experienced nurses are ready or going to retire after the pandemic. Around four million are expected to retire by 2030. The government needs to invest in the medical sector to cope with the increasing exodus of nurses.

The world was not at all ready for the war against Covid-19. The health care system was lagging in many countries. There were shortages of beds, ventilators, and many other types of equipment all over the world.

Howard Catton, CEO of ICN, stated that this condition will have a long-term effect on all the countries. He commented about the increasing demand for healthcare needs and the lower supply of experienced medical and nursing staff. He mentioned that ICN has been in complete touch with nurses all over the world during times of pandemics. ICN also reported that the pandemic has had mass trauma on the workforce which was later confirmed by the WHO.

The Covid-19 has affected the mental and physical health of the nursing staff severely. It consumes around 3 years to get a novice nurse registered. In these conditions, it becomes a herculean task for the government to retain the experienced workforce. The authorities need to make sure about all the facilities to be provided to the nursing staff so as to minimize their stress and mental pressure.

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Annette Kennedy, ICN President, also showed gratitude towards the nursing profession for their effortless services during the last year. He said that the stress and mental pressure are enormous on the nurses. The idea of leaving the profession does not sound unreasonable after such a hectic life schedule. It is crucial to recognize the requirements of nurses in today’s life.

He warned about the shortages and advised the government to make amendments as soon as possible to retain the experienced medical and nursing staff and prepare the new nurses with proper training.

ICN has informed that almost 3000 nurses sacrificed their lives and many got infected during the war against the coronavirus. Although the international organization agrees that the data is inadequate.

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