Health Insurance Scheme

Rajasthan is on its path to the ‘Nirogi Rajasthan’ campaign. To keep on track, the state government has decided to roll out its pioneering scheme. CM Ashok Gehlot announced the scheme of Health Insurance Coverage. The said scheme is set to be implemented from May 1.

The virtual program of medical education was organized, in which Rajasthan CM also took part. He announced the scheme during the virtual meet. The registration for the said scheme will start on April 1.

According to the scheme, the beneficiary family will need to pay Rs 850 annually and will get a cover of Rs. 5,00,000 as insurance.

Ashok Gehlot also spoke about the importance of developing the health sector. He pointed out that health is the prime concern. Although water, electricity, irrigation, and education are also important but currently, they need to address health as on an urgent basis.

He praised the government’s efforts in handling the coronavirus outbreak. He also appreciated the ‘Bhilwara Model’ which was followed worldwide. The proper management helped us in maximizing the recovery rate and minimizing the mortality rate during the covid 19 periods.

He also talked about the health infrastructure in the state which increased their total testing capacity to seventy thousand. The government is also trying to reach foreign universities for the training of nursing programs. He highlighted the government’s efforts on increasing the community health centers with increased MBBS and MD courses seats in state’s colleges and universities.

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Speaking about the second wave of coronavirus, CM said that the complete lockdown is not the solution. It only results in losses. Although certain restrictions are being imposed and the authority will make them more strict if the conditions are worsened.

The following high profile people also attended the program:-

  • Transport Minister- Pratap Singh
  • Parliamentary Affairs Minister- Shanti Dhariwal
  • Health Minister- Raghu Sharma
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