Nursing Community is facing great injustice in Zimbabwe

Tamil Nadu: Proper wages and job security is very important in one’s life. A month has passed since 2021 but the problems faced by nurses are still present. The nurses who have received praise all over the world still have to fight for the proper wages and permanent jobs.

The incident took place in Tamil Nadu where nurses have come forward with their last longing demands of proper wages and permanent jobs. Nurses from Tamil Nadu Government Association and Tamil Nadu MRB Nurses Welfare Association staged protests on 29 January.

The state treasurer of the Tamil Nadu Government Nurses’ Association, S. Kaliammal, also came forward and spoke for the nurses. He claimed that the government has ignored the demands of nurses for last many years. The government is least bothered about the issues faced by the nurses. That’s the reason why the nurses had to stage protests for their demands.

He also said that the government has regularly failed to keep its promises. The AIADMK Government had earlier promised 50 lakh compensation to all the nurses who lost their lives while fighting the pandemic. Sadly, around 10 nurses sacrificed their lives but still, there is no word from the government about the compensation. The nurses who worked fearlessly about their lives deserved better treatment from the authorities.

The troubles do not end here. There are a large number of vacancies in hospitals but the authorities have failed to fill in the positions. As a result, the existing nurses have to work overtime, and that too without an increase in their wages. The authorities have also failed to maintain the ratio for the nurses’ appointment as per laid by the Nursing Council.

The wages are very low when compared with the Union Government wages. Also, the nurses have been denied the allowances received by the doctors. Even after all these issues, in the hope of getting their voices heard, the nurses worked tirelessly during the pandemic.

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The protest was withdrawn after the government’s word on fulfilling their wishes. The nurses have been working for just Rs.14000 per month without any social security allowances since their appointment. A single leave costs the nurses their wages.

The government promised regularised jobs after two years of appointment. Only 2000 nurses out of 17000 have been secured with regularised jobs. The government acted just after the protest. They regularised the jobs of 1500 nurses immediately.

Samyak Shah
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