Dr. Randeep Guleria
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The war against Covid-19 has not won yet. It is still going on and will continue to go on if people become careless about their safety. The decrease in the number of Corona cases should not be seen as a green light for unnecessary travel.

Dr. Randeep Guleria Director of AIIMS, Delhi has requested the public to take proper precautions in his recent speech. The speech took place in a virtual Jaipur Literature Festival. The festival was organized on Sunday evening.

He informed the public about the new strain which is spreading rapidly in parts of Maharashtra, Kerala, and Punjab. People should be attentive as they were earlier. Unnecessarily travels must be avoided.

It was also witnessed that the levels of testing have dropped. In December, around 11 lakhs of tests were taking place which now has dropped to 6 lakhs in the last month. The major fall in the testing of around 5 lakhs can be traced as a reason for the increased number of cases.

There is an increase in cases in Maharashtra. At the start of February, around 2000 cases per day were recorded. But now the number has crossed 6000. The state government may impose lockdown in certain areas if the cases do not decline. Amravati to witness a week lockdown due to an increase in infections.

Randeep Guleria also informed that social distancing, masks, and other precautions should be followed actively. People must not think that vaccine has arrived, now they can enjoy it. The antibody is ineffective in certain cases. In Brazil, it was noticed that around 70 percent of people were protected but still, they are facing health problems. The vaccine is not very powerful.

Researcher, Gagandeep Kang, also took part in the festival. He said that people are unsure about the vaccine. They are in dilemma, whether to get vaccinated or not. The authorities need to take proper steps to gain the faith of the public about vaccines. The authorities should come forward and provide complete information about vaccines as they did about cleaning and masks.

Samyak Shah
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