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Health care and medical services in Madhya Pradesh have been announced as Essential Services (ESMA) by the government for the duration of the next three months considering the surge in Corona cases since the last five months. This means that no doctor or nurse or paramedical staff will be authorized to prohibit patients from getting needful treatment. As a matter of fact, the government has published its declaration in the gazette saying that health services are to be considered essential for the next three months this Wednesday evening.

This rule will be pertinent to all medical units in the state be it governmental or non-governmental health facilities. In accordance with the report, no medical staff, doctor or nurse, will be able to reject treating the patient since ESMA is being administered. Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Health, Dr. Rajesh Rajura affirmed that this implementation has been put in effect to prevent the Corona epidemic. In accordance with the notification in the Gazette as put into effect by the Department, Madhya Pradesh has stated a command in the exertion of the powers given in sub-section 1 of section 4 of the Urgent Service Holding and Prevention of Dissentience Act-1979.

Following the mandate, all government and private medical institutions and units with all medical facilities, doctors, nurses, health workers, and staff are thus not given the power of refusing treatment to any patients for the next three months. This mandate is of utmost importance and it was time the government issued the rule owing to the daily rising Covid-19 cases in the state.  As the Chief Secretary of the Department of Health said due to the surge in cases as well as the death rate, the health care units should be made available to every patient all around the state and no one should be returned from receiving treatment and medicines. It is the citizens’ right to receive health care and the government took a rightful decision in the need of the hour.

Sanitation works in health care units, sales, and shipment of medical instruments, trading of medicines, manufacturing-shipment, ambulance services, water, and power supply, security-associated services, regulation of food and drinking water provision, and bio-medical waste management are included in urgent services and no one will be refused to all these health-associated services for the next 3 months.


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