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It has been recently announced by the Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America (BJANA) that an Indian-American couple Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia living in Texas has donated more than $150,000 to the healthcare and medical sector in Bihar and Jharkhand. The benevolent donation of $150,000 by the Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation to the BJANA will be effectively utilized for improving the current healthcare scenario in rural areas of Bihar and Jharkhand via the PRAN-BJANA clinic initiative.

In accordance with a PTI report, the Pravasi Alumni Nisshulk (PRAN) is a well-known program and step introduced by similar-minded Indian-American physicians who are effectively working to provide medical benefits to the underprivileged, poor, and underserved citizens in the two states of Bihar and Jharkhand. This is a very important and major issue concerning the major population of rural people in these states who do not receive proper medical services due to their economic situation and the PRAN initiative is doing its best to improve the current healthcare condition.

The doctors involved in this initiative have set up a PRAN clinic in Ranchi and they provide free medical check-ups and services to the needy. Their pursuit is to deliver free healthcare benefits across the states and this became possible only due to the generous donation made by the Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation.

In a recent interview, the BJANA president Avinash Gupta frankly admitted, “BJANA getting a large donation is a testament to its ongoing philanthropic activities both here and back home”. Therefore, this donation towards bringing dynamic growth in these underdeveloped regions, where healthcare services are prominently insufficient, has been routed through the PRAN-BJANA initiative.  This initiative will aid in building good hospitals and healthcare units in different parts across the states which it lacked before. The BJANA president hopes this donation will bring fruitful outcomes to its ventures in the near future.

The former FIA president, Alok Kumar, also said that this noble and charitable donation will help the PRAN-BJANA initiative to carry out its healthcare works and programs in the region.

Bhatia is an alumnus of NIT, Patna and successfully runs his business in Texas. He has made this donation via the Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation to BJANA.


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