ANMOL (ANM Online)

Technology plays an important role in each sector. With the advancement in technology, the medical sector can reach new heights. It can make the medical sector more versatile. And the same initiative was taken in Jammu and Kashmir on 5th March. In this initiative, ANMs were provided with tablets for the digitization of records.

Atal Dulloo who is the Financial Commissioner launched a platform ANMOL (ANM Online) application. He also distributed tablets to ANMs and asked them to understand the application in the proper manner with guidance from its designers. He suggested them to make the best use out of application services so the benefits can be percolated to end-users.

The event was organized by NHM. The Government medical college of Jammu also assisted in the program. Atul Dulloo appreciated the efforts of NHM in launching the initiative in a brief span of time.

This application helps ANMs to work effectively on a real-time basis. The digitization of records will improve accountability and quality. This will empower ANMs to carry out their day-to-day activities in an effortless manner.

The main objective of the initiative was to reduce the Infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate. The unique feature it possesses is that it can work in offline mode. Thus, poor connectivity issues won’t be a problem. The physical registers are now replaced with mobile tablets, hence reducing the time and efforts.

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The application is also facilitated with audio and visual aid on important issues related to prenatal and child care. This paperless registration and other qualities are a great success towards the digitization in the health and medical sector.

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