ANM Online (ANMOL)

The digitization of records is not a choice anymore. It is the requirement of today’s hectic world. Therefore the government has come forward with an initiative to digitize the records in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

This initiative will help in proper maintenance of work and aid ANMs through day-to-day work lists and further plans. According to the ANMOL initiative, android tablets will be provided to all the ANMs working in sub-centers. The online software will be loaded to register and keep a check on service delivery data on a real-time basis.

Atal Dulloo also praised the initiative. He is currently the Financial Commissioner of Health and Education. He spoke on the matter and said that it will definitely strengthen the health system in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Further, it will also strengthen RCH services.

According to Dulloo, the ANM Online (ANMOL) will empower ANM for improvement of data quality with prompt data entry. It will also create transparency in the system. Mission Director was advised to take the necessary steps for the implementation of the program. This initiative is a great step towards Ayushman Bharat.

It was also noted that UT-level training is completed. The initiative is ready to roll out the tablet. According to the stats, Jammu and Kashmir are waiting for 4400 tablets for the launch of the initiative in the Union Territory.

Samyak Shah
Samyak Shah holds strong political views and doesn't fear to question to reveal the truth. He analyzes the sources and writes in the areas of reduced healthcare financial barriers, accounting. He writes reports, opinions, and breaking news.