bird flu virus

Reports have flown in recently regarding the first known case of bird flu in Russia. A case of the bird flu strain, H5N8 has been detected by Russian scientists. According to reports, Russia has confirmed the transfer of the flu strain from poultry to human beings. Last December, an unfortunate outbreak in a poultry plant in the southern region of the country resulted in seven workers falling prey to the flu strain. However, the head of the consumer health watchdog of Russia, Anna Popova has assured the masses worldwide that the seven workers are presently in good health and that their wellbeing has been the foremost priority since the unfortunate incident. She has confirmed that the organization has aptly taken all the requisite measures to prevent contamination and subsequent spread of the flue strain beyond the threshold of the poultry plant. The incident has sparked terror and apprehension among the masses, as they increasingly become casualties in the ravages of the virulent deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

While the world struggles to combat the Coronavirus, Russia’s new findings have driven many to take extra precautions to ensure their safety during such challenging times. The recently found flu strain has been duly reported to the World Health Organization. Ms. Popova has denied accusations concerning the flu strain being transmitted between human beings, further adding that preventing the spread of the flu strain is of utmost importance to them. The officials are taking adequate measures to undo the unforeseen situation.

The Vektor medical laboratory of Russia has been lauded nationwide as well as internationally following its masterful discovery and separation of the flu strain from the workers infected in the poultry plant. It has been informed that the virus hasn’t yet mutated enough to transmit interpersonally. This comes as good news amidst such gloomy times. Scientists in Russia have embarked on a historical quest to find a plausible and effective treatment for the new strain along with necessary diagnostic systems.

In the past, miscellaneous strains of bird flu have occasionally led to contamination among human beings, even as far as significant deaths. However, Russia has assured its citizens and the world, at large, that the matter will be taken into careful consideration and acted upon accordingly, so as to prevent any further cases elsewhere in the nation. As the casualties of the COVID virus reach an all-time high, Russia struggles with yet another virus.


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