Nurses Strike

The Nuh district has witnessed a cruel incident recently. The nurses from Shaheed Hasan Khan Government College have been removed from their jobs, who later staged a protest against authorities outside the campus gate.

The staff nurses were terminated without any cause after the notice was issued. The protestants demand that notice should be withdrawn immediately and the pending salaries for the last two months should be dispensed without any delay. They also request that they should be hired on a full employment basis.

Employees have been working for the last 6 years effortlessly. They did not even hesitate during the corona period. They are of the opinion that they should be provided with experience certificate so that they can join other work organization in future.

These 120 employees were recruited under outsourcing part one, six years back. Currently, there are 687 nurses in the medical college. On 4 March, a notice was issued offering recruitment for 192 nurses for regular employment which is inhuman for these 120 nurses who should have been recruited in these vacancies.

These nurses have staged indefinite strikes after the cruel behavior from the authorities. They will not end until their demands are met.

Samyak Shah
Samyak Shah holds strong political views and doesn't fear to question to reveal the truth. He analyzes the sources and writes in the areas of reduced healthcare financial barriers, accounting. He writes reports, opinions, and breaking news.


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